An easter egg - in this context - can refer to an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of entertainment, often included as a joke or a bonus. World of Tanks Blitz does not shy away from this.

Easter EggsEdit

Yamato Harbour:

  • If you capture the base in an encounter battle, the middle cannon (which has 3 barrels) will shoot!
  • If you move around the battleship, you will see a rubber duck floating around - shooting it will do nothing.

Desert Sands:

  • If you go to the town and find a window that shows a picture of a monster, shooting at it will result in a monster appearing.

Oasis Palms:

  • If you go to the edge of the map, find the deepest pool and enter it. Look around and you will find a yellow submarine in reference to the famous song by The Beatles.


  • If you spawn on the bottom of the map, go to the left checkpoint. You should see an orange wall. Look on the window near the orange wall and you will see a time machine
  • Go to the train tracks. Go to the abandoned hangar. Go inside, look up, and a UFO will appear.

Dead Rail:

  • If you go to the top of the map, there will be large guns that rotate and shoot lasers at the planes.
  • If you spawn on the bottom of the map, look at the cargo in the trains. There seems to be an AMX turret (AMX is a French tank, probably an easter egg connected to the 3.6 update).